Here are the requirements to open a corporate bank account with Ecobank in Zimbabwe.

1. Completed account bank opening form

2. Fully signed mandate card

3. Dully signed mandate resolution

4. Memo and articles of association

5. Cr14 and cr6

6. Cr2 or letter confirming shareholding (signed by company secretary and a director)

7. Tax clearance form

8. Vat registration

9. Signatories (a) 1passport size photos(b)certified copies of id(c)proof of residence {not more than

3 months old} foreign nationals to provide extract of passports work permits and residential


10. Certificate of incorporation

11. Directors –(a) certified copies of id (b)proof residence permit

12. Other shareholders (a)certified copies of id (b0 proof of residence(not more than 3 months

old)(c)foreign nationals should provide extract of passport , work permit and residence permit

13. Initial deposit $100

14. Directors don’t need to be physically present as long they provide #11

15. It takes 3 – 5 working days

Should you require assistance with Memorandum and Articles of Association, Tax Clearance Certificate, CR2, VAT reguistration and other services, feel free to reach to us: +263716196475 | +263777069078 | [email protected]