Business opportunities in Kariba Zimbabwe

Business opportunities in Kariba Zimbabwe

Kariba dam has presented a lot of business opportunities that entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss. Especially the businesses in the tourism industry like recreational facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and bars. Wildlife safari’s to name but a few. Dam construction has created a lot of opportunities for the locals and businessmen to get involved in fishing, water sports, safari etc. The structure of the dam provides several recreational activities like fishing, canoeing, etc. This write up summarizes key business opportunities in Kariba Zimbabwe

Where exactly is Kariba Dam?

Kariba is located in Zimbabwe. The town of Kariba, which was originally built for the people that worked on the construction of the dam wall, is a small town in Zimbabwe that lies in the eastern end of the lake, near the dam wall. Kariba town is about 355km from Harare, the Capital of Zimbabwe. The own is connected with a tarred road from Harare. The road is good but it has a lot of meanders and steep slopes. Towns between Harare and Kariba are Chinhoyi, Karoi, Makuti and finally Kariba.

Business Opportunities in Kariba.

Kariba Dam is a world heritage site and one of the largest man-made dams in the world. Since the construction of the Kariba dam began, the region has witnessed an industrial boom. The dam serves as a major source of hydroelectric power for the landlocked countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are several business opportunities that can be explored in this region.

  1. Cheap Lodges in Kariba

There are over 50 lodges in Kariba, which employ locals. These lodges come in different shapes and sizes, from small hotels to large resorts with conference facilities and swimming pools. There are also several guest houses around Kariba that provide accommodation for tourists and locals alike. Tamarind Holiday and Conference Resort have breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking, an Outdoor pool, Bar, Restaurant, Room Service, Accessible for handicapped people, Business Centre and neat rooms. 

Business Idea:

Kariba is one of the most visited tourist sites in Zimbabwe. The dam attracts visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent site. There are several lodges around the Kariba Dam that offer accommodation for visitors. The lodges can be used as a business opportunity for those who want to earn money from tourists visiting this scenic place. There are many lodges in Kariba that offer accommodation for tourists and business travellers. There are also opportunities for investors that want to start a lodge or manage one. If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can relax, unwind and explore the natural beauty of Zimbabwe then Kariba could be the right place for you.

2. Fishing in Kariba

Kariba is a fishing town as well as a tourist destination for people who love nature and are looking for adventure on the Zambezi River. Many people visit Kariba to enjoy the thrill of fishing for Tigerfish or bream out of canoe or boat on the mighty Zambezi River which forms one of the largest dams in Africa – Lake Kariba. Fishing on Lake Kariba can be done from shorelines or boats/canoes/kayaks depending on weather conditions or personal preference. From the fisheries, people can buy fish in bulk and resale to other towns. Types of fish from Lake Kariba include Matemba fish, breams, and tilapia. There is great business potential for businesses in the upper and lower part of the fishing value chain. How about partnering with the fisheries to supply them with packaging slips, fishing hooks or fishing nets?  There is big business for fishing accessories in Zimbabwe that include but not limited to:fillet Knives and Tables, salt water accessories, rod holders and hacks, tools and pliers, fishing reels, fishing line, hooks and weights.

3. Transport Business in Kariba

The main highway from Harare to Kariba is a tarmac road and is in good condition. This makes it easier to travel between the two cities. The distance between Harare and Kariba is approximately 355km (186 miles).Although there are public buses from Harare to Kariba, the tourists would like to hire a car of their own or travel as a group. Hiring out cars is thus one of the big businesses that you can do in Kariba. It is a busy town with many people working in the tourism industry. If you are looking for a business that can be done from your home, then you should consider starting a transport business in Kariba.

You can also offer transport services to tourists who want to travel from one place to another in Kariba.

The tourist attractions around Kariba include:

– The Victoria Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall on the Zambezi River

– The Chikaranga / Chinhoyi Caves, which has two caves with an underground river running through them

– Game viewing in Matusadona Game Park -, which is home to several species like giraffes, wildebeest and elephants

There are few companies that offer car rental services in Kariba. Here is an example of a car hire service you can do;

1)Get a catchy business name for your business. Example: The Best Car Rental – This company offers both private cars and minibuses for rent at an affordable price. Make sure your vehicles are well maintained and come with air conditioners and GPS systems. Also have drivers who will drive guests around the town if they do not want to drive themselves or if they are not familiar with driving around Kariba. The company can provide airport transfers, airport parking and other transport services for tourists visiting Kariba. Be acquainted with the airport schedule since there are flights to Kariba.

Harare Kariba Flights

Wondering if you can fly from Harare to Kariba? Kuva Air plies the Harare-Kariba-Victoria Falls route three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Check full article here…


4. Souvenirs Business Opportunity

Another business opportunity in Kariba that can be done in this area is selling souvenirs such as clothing, foodstuffs, crafts etcetera. The best part about this is that it requires no investment. You only need to have a shop space or booth where you can sell your products and services. Souvenir sellers are usually found in tourist areas where people come from all over the world to visit beautiful places like Kariba Dam. This makes it a perfect place for these sellers to sell their products because there are many tourists who will be visiting Kariba Dam and who would want to buy souvenirs from this place. You can also consider selling local crafts especially if you are an artist or craftsperson. If you have a skill like carpentry you can offer your services to the local community. You can also start an online business where you sell products online through Amazon and eBay.   Solicit the assistance of the best digital marketers or website designers such as City Cloud to help you set up an online shop for your business. Check free videos on Youtube on how to create a website on your own.

5. Tuckshop Business in Kariba.

There are few supermarkets in Kariba. Starting a tuckshop can be ideal to cover the gap.You can rent a shop from the council or any organisation. You need to be registered with the council and have all your licensing sorted out before you open your business.You will need to stock up on some basic items like milk, eggs, bread and meat and then you can start selling them at a reasonable price. If you want to earn more money you should add other items such as frozen foods, chips etc..You can start small and slowly expand as you get more capital.This is one business that can be done from home. You don’t need to rent a shop, you can start with just a little space and grow from there.Tuckshops are not limited to selling food items only, it also sells drinks like tea, coffee, juice and soft drinks etc. Here is a full guide on how to start a tuckshop business in Zimbabwe. 

To sum up, Kariba business opportunities have got the potential to change people’s lives for the better if one is prepared to go all out. The main challenge that one may encounter in Kariba is that finding a good location for his/her business project may be difficult at first. This means that scouting for locations takes time and effort. But with a team to help you out and a good plan, you can stand to reap good returns on any investment made in Kariba.There are so many opportunities in Kariba that you would need to invest your whole life there before you run out of them. A tourist will easily find something to do there every day. That is why Kariba is a favorite for local tourists and for expats alike. It is an ideal tourist destination and a good place to invest your hard-earned money.

Other facts about Kariba

  • The business has since shifted from Kariba Heights to Nyamhunga township…
  • All banks and other major businesses are in the ghetto.
  • Major businesses are: Lodges,  fintechs (banks, no microfinance institutions so far).
  • Network coverage very efficient – when using NetOne.
  • Residential stands still few…
  • Population is a bit small, most are tourists who frequent the area.

Activities in Kariba

Kariba Dam view

One can get a panoramic view of Kariba Dam from Observation Hill located close by. This hill offers stunning views of Lake Kariba and its surroundings including the town of Kariba itself which lies on its southern bank. Visitors are encouraged to take photos at this vantage point before heading off on an adventure around Lake Kariba or back to their accommodation for lunch or an afternoon nap!

Boat cruise

A boat cruise around Lake Kariba will allow you to see other islands on Lake Kariba. The boat ride is excellent value for money and a great way to see crocodiles, hippos and birdlife close up. You can also visit the crocodile farm where they have some tame crocs you can feed with meat from the counter.


Safari Areas Around Lake Kariba

Matusadona National Park

Just west of Kariba Dam wall is the Matusadona National Park. It has different ecological zone which include the area along the shoreline of Lake Kariba, the Zambezi Valley floor, and the escarpment which is a woodland area. During Operation Noah, much of the rescued wildlife found refuge in this area, and by 1963, Matusadona National Park was declared a game reserve. The rejuvenative grass found along the shoreline is a great source of food for buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, zebra and impala. The healthy population of these and other game makes it a good home for predators such as lion, cheetah and leopard on the land, and crocodile in the shallows of the lake. Like Matobo Hills, Matusadona is an Intensive Protection Zone, being home to relocated black rhino. The easiest way to access the park is by flying to Kariba town or Bumi Hills, then taking a boat into the reserve.

Chete Safari Area

Upstream from Matusadona National Park is the Chete Safari Area. This hilly and rocky area is difficult to access by car or game vehicle. Chete is actually a controlled hunting area, done by boat, vehicle and on foot.

Islands of Kariba

Lake Kariba has several islands both on the Zimbabwean and Zambian side of the border, which make for idyllic getaways, staying at beautiful island lodges or safari camps with vast scenic views of the lake. The islands include Maaze Island (Zambia), Mashape Island (Zambia), Chete Island (Zambia), Sekula (Zambia), Sampa Karuma (Zimbabwe), Fothergill (Zimbabwe), Spurwing (Zimbabwe), Starvation Island (Zimbabwe), Antelope Island (Zimbabwe), Bed Island (Zimbabwe), and Chikanka (Zambia).”

Towns Around Kariba

The town of Kariba, which was originally built for the people that worked on the construction of the dam wall, is a small town in Zimbabwe which lies in the eastern end of the lake, near the dam wall. Binga is on the western side of the lake, closer to the Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park.

Siavonga is on the Zambian shore of Lake Kariba, and this town has grown to be the tourist capital for Kariba on the Zambian side. Together with Sinazongwe, Siavonga was created for the displaced Tonga people who were made to move for their safety as the waters of the Zambezi were expected to flood their villages. Sinazongwe was set as the administrative capital, just 3.5hours from Livingstone town, and 3.5 hours from Lusaka. Sinazongwe is to Binga what Siavonga is to Kariba town.

“The Zimbabwean side of the lake has about 1 000km of shoreline and a number of islands. Elephants can often be seen swimming between the islands and the shore, a sight so typical of Lake Kariba.”

Having read the guide and considering starting up your own business in Kariba, we recommend you to check this step by step guide in starting a business in Zimbabwe.