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How to start an ECD or Creche in Zimbabwe

How to start an ECD or Creche in Zimbabwe

Here is step by step guide in starting an ECD /Creche day – care center in Zimbabwe. 

If you like taking care of the young ones, you can make extra dollars by making use of your empty space at home by starting an ECD /Creche day – care center in Zimbabwe. A you expand, you can consider rented premises. When parents choose a daycare for their children, they look for a place that will enrich and keep their children safe during the day. While your daycare may have those qualities, without the right advertising and marketing, it will go overlooked.

ECD or Creche Students

ECD or Creche Students

You might try a few new strategies to catch the attention of parents and attract new clients to your daycare.

Register your ECD.

Check the registration requirements here…
It is mandatory to register an ECD .There are some requirements needed to register an ECD .These include but not limited to
1.Permission from Local authority to establish an ECD centre
2.Health certificate
3.Memorandum of understanding
4.Proposed names of the ECD centre
5.Physical address of the ECD centre
6.Area to be served by the ECD centre
7.Number of pupils to be enrolled on opening of age and ranges note : one teacher to 20 pupils
8. Name and qualification of teachers to employed
9.Medical certificates plus x-ray is a mandatory since you will be dealing with kids and health status of staff needs to be known
10.Floor plan and house plan
11.Title deeds or lease of agreement
12.Indoor play space area 1:2,25 square meters per child .Age appropriate furniture
13. Outdoor play space 1:5,5 square meters per child
14. Toilets closets 1:2
15.Wash basins

From the data we have gathered, the average startup cost for a daycare centre in Zimbabwe is $1000 to $2500.This can vary widely depending on whether you are opening a home-based daycare center or leasing a separate facility for your care centre .If don’t have $10000+in  bank  account  ,they don’t worry.

Ten tips to start an ECD or Creche in Zimbabwe and be successful :

1.Keep your environment safe and clean-Keep all doors secure .Ideally , have a code available only to parents and staff .Change it regularly.Ensure windows are securely fastened.All stairwells should be gated .Staff and children should wash hands throughout the day..This is especially true before meal times and after diapering /restroom use.Disinfect toys daily.Schedule a time so this task  is not forgotten  .Have a clear routines incase of emergency.
2.Make consistent policies- Clearly outline your policies to protect your business and address parent concerns.Maintaining a regularly updated  parent handbook can make your childcare center stand out  from others.Before enrolling , have parents review and agree to the policies listed in your handbook.Your can also add  your own unique policies .Consider addressing policies about ;hours of operation daily schedule
-food and nutrition
-curriculum {[ more on this later}
-pick -up{who can pick-up the child ? how do you verify identity
-parent communication
-fees and payment
-program closing
3 Invest in training of your staff – babies and toddlers needs consistent , predictable care.For this reason , parents prefer childcare centers with low turnover.Invest training and resources in your staff.Treat them as respected ,appreciated professionals by ;recognizing and rewarding success and hard work
-providing support amd extra help when its neede
-holding a staff appreciation day/ week
-including staff in your vision goals ,  policies
-building relationship goals
4 Develop a curriculum – parents want to know that their children aren’t watching tv or sitting around all day.Young children need active play , stimulation , and learning .Think about programming and your daily schedule .
5. Communicate – to maintain and continue boosting enrollment , communication is key.Parents want to know what their child is up to throughout the day.Some daycare centers even have apps that allow them to share  information about meals, naps , and activities in real time.
Ten tips to manage a creche
1. Have clear policies and follow them-running successful daycares starts with having a clear set of policies .These policies need to apply to both children and parents .
2. Don’t take your friends and family kids- family and friends may expect special treatment regarding your policies .Avid this situation entirely and keep your business professional
3.Always ask for parental feedback-the most successful day care have  myriad of reviews  available on google
4.Have a social media presence – when you are  trying to look up local business information , what is one of the most common places you stop? Get assistance with professional social media management from City Cloud. Check their services here
5.Add value with unique services- look around at your fellow daycare providers to see what they offer .Various daycare centers may have their unique  take on the field.
6. Having a properly trained staff who believes in your vision-child care  businesses may be encouraged to save money by hiring staff that lack experience. However you run the gp of having an educational gap and safety exposures in this case.
7. Don’t forget to take a vacation-business owners who handle their own time typically forget that managing daycares can be an exhausting experience.
8.Simply the business side of things-many times  the business side of daycare can prevent owners from properly focusing.
9.Try to be flexible (within reason)-your parents will appreciate flexibility in their day cares , as some situations may prevent them from arriving on time.
10.Change upfront-while we hate to see it , there is always a chance for flaky parents  who won’t pay you.If they can get a month of free day care out of you straightforward for them to vanish

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and aspirations? Imagine being your own boss, being able to play an integral role in the development of your beloved country, empowering families and communities through your hard work. The decision is up to you. You have the power to make it happen. Contact us today and we’ll help you register your ECD or Creche business today!

Company Registration in Zimbabwe

What is Company Registration in Zimbabwe?

Company registration in Zimbabwe is the process of incorporating (registering) a business in Zimbabwe either as a Private Limited Company (PLC), Private Business Corporation (PLC) or any other business entity as stated in the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:31). When a company is incorporated, the business becomes a separate legal entity; separate from its owners. The business becomes an individual ‘person’ in the eyes of the law. Essentially, this means that the company is completely separate from its owners in terms of finances, liabilities, contractual agreements, and ownership of property and assets.

Benefits of registering your own company

  1. Limited liability
  2. Legitimacy and brand awareness
  3. Easier to raise capital
  4. Supplier arrangements
  5. Low Tax Liability
  6. Business continuity

Our Company Registration in Zimbabwe service

Types of companies

They are quite a number of companies but the two most popular companies you can register in Zimbabwe are a Private Limited Company and a Private Business Corporation.

Private Limited Company (PLC)

A Private Limited Company is the most common company structure in Zimbabwe.Private limited company is a type of organisation you can set up to run your business.Company ownership is split into shares owned by shareholders.A company must pay corporation tax out of any profits and can then distribute the remaining profits among shareholders.
Private Limited Company requires at least 2 directors and a maximum of 50 directors and also limits the number of shareholders to 50.

Private Business Corporation

A Private Business Corporation is an alternative company structure to a private   limited company that is registered with the Companies registrar of companies in Zimbabwe- through the process of incorporation.

Requirements for company registration in Zimbabwe

There are 4 requirements when registering a company in Zimbabwe:
  1. Company name – should not be similar to an  already registered company, or which is so similar to any such name as to be likely to deceive, is likely to mislead the public, is blasphemous or indecent or likely to cause offence to any person or class of persons, suggests patronage of the Government or some other authority or organisation unless the consent thereof has been obtained, is undesirable for any other reason.
  2. Director’s information – Name(s) and surname as shown on government issued identity documents, national identity number/passport number, official address and former names. This information is shown on the CR 6.
  3. Shareholders information – name(s) and surname as shown on government issued identity documents and official address. This information is shown on the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  4. Company objectives: These are the commercial activities the company is going to run the business. A company can have as many company objectives as they require. Sample objective can be farming, mining et..c.

Procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe

There are five important steps to the initial company registration procedure in Zimbabwe which include:

1.Name Search and reservation

With us,  you have to give us 5 proposed name and the one which is approved will be the name of the company. This can be done within 24 working hours with the approved name being reserved for up to 3 weeks from the application date. You can however further reserve the company name if it has expired.
2.Appointment of company directors
This is done through the CR 6 form  and is usually prepared by your consultant. A director should be above the legal age of 16 years, and at least one being ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe. The individual must also not have been previously disqualified from acting as a director or bankrupt.
3.Appointment of company secretary(s)
This is also done through the CR 6 form .A company secretary should be above the legal age of 16 years, and ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe. The individual must also not have been previously disqualified from acting as a company secretary.
4.Registering of company addresses
This is done through the CR 6 . The addresses should be a physical address which should be a Zimbabwean address, postal address and email address.
5.Company incorporation
The official company registration documents are submitted at the Companies Registry for incorporation. This is done only through a registered consultant, registered with the Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property by (DCIP). After successful submission of the registration documents at the Companies Registry, the company is incorporated.

Documents you receive after registering a company in Zimbabwe.

The company documents you will receive will differ with the type of company you choose.
For a Private Business Corporation you will receive the following documents:
  • Certificate of incorporation – a legal document issued by the Registrar of Companies showing that your company has been approved
  • CR 28
For a Private Business Corporation you will receive the following documents:
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • CR 5 (Former CR 6) – List of company addresses
  • CR 6 (Former CR 14) – List of company directors
  • Memorandum of Association –  a legal statement signed by all initial shareholders or agreeing to form the company. It also shows the businesses objectives.
  • Articles of association – written rules about running the company agreed by shareholdeor guarantors, directors and the company secretary

Company registration prices in Zimbabwe

Our company registration prices .
  • Private limited company for $150
  • Private business corporation for $120
  • PRAZ for $120
  • Change of directors from $70
  • Tax clearance for $80
  • Name search for $10

Tax clearance

The law requires that a company registers with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) within 30 days of starting to trade. Once you register, you will be issued a tax clearance.

Trade name registration

After registering your company, you may wish not trade with your official company name for different reasons. You can use an assumed name popularly known as a trade name. However, since the introduction of the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32) all trade should also be registered.

Our bank account opening service

Key authorities and legislation to be aware of:
The main corporate legislation in Zimbabwe is contained in the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:31). The company should also be aware of the following local authorities when doing business in Zimbabwe.

Set up for success

Zimbabwe might be facing economic challenges but take note that Zimbabwe is one of the easiest countries to start up a business. Better still, it helps to work with a trusted partner that has in-depth knowledge of Zimbabwe’s regulations to help smooth flow of your company registration process whilst you focus on your business.

Talk to us

Company registration in Zimbabwe  can help you navigate all corporate secretarial hurdles. Whether you are registering a company in Zimbabwe or something else, Company Registration in Zimbabwe has a team of gurus with extensive local knowledge covering business establishment, corporate secretarial, tax compliance, advisory and other regulatory requirements.
How can we help you?
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Requirements to open a corporate bank account with Ecobank in Zimbabwe


Here are the requirements to open a corporate bank account with Ecobank in Zimbabwe.

1. Completed account bank opening form

2. Fully signed mandate card

3. Dully signed mandate resolution

4. Memo and articles of association

5. Cr14 and cr6

6. Cr2 or letter confirming shareholding (signed by company secretary and a director)

7. Tax clearance form

8. Vat registration

9. Signatories (a) 1passport size photos(b)certified copies of id(c)proof of residence {not more than

3 months old} foreign nationals to provide extract of passports work permits and residential


10. Certificate of incorporation

11. Directors –(a) certified copies of id (b)proof residence permit

12. Other shareholders (a)certified copies of id (b0 proof of residence(not more than 3 months

old)(c)foreign nationals should provide extract of passport , work permit and residence permit

13. Initial deposit $100

14. Directors don’t need to be physically present as long they provide #11

15. It takes 3 – 5 working days

Should you require assistance with Memorandum and Articles of Association, Tax Clearance Certificate, CR2, VAT reguistration and other services, feel free to reach to us: +263716196475 | +263777069078 | [email protected]

Bank Advice Note – What is it and what are the requirements

Bank Advice Note for Elliot Minerals and Explorations

The bank advice note is the first step in getting a corporate bank account for the purposes of getting a ZIMRA Tax Clearance Certificate. The purpose of the bank advice note is to inform bankers of your company’s name, location, and directors.

The process of getting a bank advice note

1. Register your company

The first step in your new account is to register a company. We can take care of that for you.  Contact us here for assistance with company registration.  This way you will automatically be able to comply with local regulations and start the process.


Apply for a bank advice note

Apply for a bank advice note. According to Zimbabwean law, you need to have a tax clearance certificate to open a company bank account. Since it’s not possible to get tax clearance without a bank account, the tax authority, therefore, makes a special authorization to the bank that allows for new companies to be able to open a business account without tax clearance. This is what is called a bank advice note or simply a bank opening letter. The process requires your original company papers.

What to do after obtaining a bank advice note?

The next step is to visit your bank account with the bank opening letter or bank advice note and the bank account opening requirements below…

Bank account opening requirements

The requirements for opening a company bank account in Zimbabwe differ from bank to bank but these are the general requirements:

  • Memorandum and articles of association (applicable to Private Limited Companies only).
  • Certificate of incorporation (applicable to Private Limited Companies only).
  • CR14 (applicable to Private Limited Companies only).
  • CR6 (applicable to Private Limited Companies only).
  • Incorporation statement (only applicable to Private Business Corporations).
  • Directors’ ID’s and proof of residence in the form of a utility bill like water, phone or electricity bill.
  • Passport size photos.

We recommend using BancABC,  CBZ, Agribank or Nedbank if you’re in Zimbabwe.

Do an initial deposit

Once you have your bank account available, you need to pay the initial deposit in order to activate your account.


There are three main steps in order to set up a new bank account: registering your company, getting a bank advice note, and finally, opening the corporate bank account then a tax clearance certificate. It is important to note that bank accounts can be used for numerous purposes, including purchasing things online without having to pay cash or wait for wire transfers. The steps may seem very different depending on who you speak with or what bank you are with. But if you understand the process behind each one, you should be able to navigate them successfully no matter which bank you might be working with.


Need a bank advice note, order here: 




How to register a driving school in Zimbabwe

Driving School vehicle
  1. Register your company as a Private Limited Company

Register your driving school company as a Private Limited Company by following this link.

Register your driving school and maintain a good reputation from the onset. Don’t take an unnecessary risk by operating without a proper license or even using a motor vehicle that is road-worthy.

  1. Apply for an instructor’s ID and certificate with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe

  • You must pass a course that includes both the theory and practice of driving.
  • Upon passing this test, you become eligible to become an assistant instructor and must then work a 12 month period under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • After this period you may advance to becoming a qualified instructor:
  1. After passing the examination conducted by the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board relating to the teaching of subjects set out in the driver instruction and;
  2. After holding a valid driving license for five years.
  • The two years prior to the date of registration as an instructor should be clear of any traffic offenses. The certificate provided is valid only for two years, and during this period the instructor is subject to sporadic checks by staff at the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board to ensure that standards are being maintained.
  • A license can be revoked at any time should circumstances dictate the necessity for this

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe Requirements

  • Driver’s license.
  • Instructor’s ID and certificate.
  • Driving school premises should not be less than 14 square meters.
  • Each vehicle used for driving instruction should at least be fitted with an additional adjustable internal rearview mirror, an adjustable driver’s seat; and a handbrake which is positioned so as to be readily operated by the instructor.
  • The name of the driving school must also be clearly and prominently displayed on the vehicles.

4. Register with ZINARA

Register your driving school with  ZINARA  for insurance cover and a ZINARA road license disc.



5. Acquire a certificate of vehicle fitness from VID

Acquire a certificate of fitness for all your driving school vehicles, from Vehicle Inspection Department (VID). 


6. Register with ZIMRA

Register with ZIMRA taxes or find  tax consutant to assist.



7. Register with NEC

Register with the NEC for your industry or get a NEC CONSULTANT   to assist.


                 WHAT YOU NEED


You require a small office space where students can come and register for lessons.

You are going to need furniture, desks, a computer and perhaps a simulator which you can use to test the students before they get to do their lessons on the road.

In Harare, driving schools usually rent offices that are on the peripherals of the Central Business District. This is so to reduce costs and also to get able parking space for the driving school vehicles.


Companies need driving instructors for their driving school business. All their driving instructors should have valid drivers’ licenses, defensive certificates and should have acquired an instructor’s certificate.
All your driving instructors should have enrolled for the Driving school instructor’s courses with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe.
This certificate shows that your driving instructor has successfully completed a recognized driving course and has the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to teach driving.



For driving school owners, it’s important to have a fleet of vehicles. It is vital to the success of a driving school business.
The vehicle will also have to be fitted with two-way brakes. This is required for the vehicle to be driven by learners. Driving school vehicles are required by the law to display L plates. These plates show that a vehicle is being droved by a learner.
The vehicle also needs to have a speedometer, odometer rear-view mirror, a horn, brake lights, stop lights, horn, and windshield wipers.



You do need business insurance for your driving school business, whether it’s for cars, vans, or other vehicles. The level of protection you need depends on the nature of the work you do. If you’re teaching learners or novices to drive, you probably don’t need the same level of cover as a professional driver.
As a driving school, your business has two main risks:
1. Your vehicles
2. Your customers



Record progresses made by students, maintain details on lessons, identification, address, hours they have drove and dates. These details will be required when the student goes for the road test.


In Zimbabwe, there is a large market of people looking for driving jobs and even those with a hope to buy a car later in the future. Some college graduates are getting job opportunities that require a driver’s license. Know how to reach out to all the different age groups in order to tap in and have many students enrolling at your driving school.


A driving school is just like any other business, and like any other business, it needs to market itself. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Most driving schools just need to make sure they know what they’re doing.
The first thing you need to do to market your driving school is to make sure you know what you’re doing. You need to understand the market, the demographics, and the drivers.
You also need to make your brand as recognizable as possible. This might mean creating fliers, posters, and even creating a website.

Get a website developed by Zimbabwe’s leading website designers: City Cloud Pvt Ltd. 

You can create your own website by following this blog or watch this video:

The biggest part of marketing the business will come through referrals. Make you your service is superb in order to get recommendations from your students. People are different and you may face challenges as some students may be slow learners but it’s important that you stay calm and be patient with all your students..


You need vehicles for your driving school business. The amount of capital you need to start your driving school business will depend on the size of your driving school, and the kind of vehicles you need. There are different classes of motor vehicles. You can offer lessons for all classes. However, if you are starting with little capital, you can concentrate on class 4 driving lessons only. You will require more capital for a class 2 driving school. This is because you will need to purchase lorries which are more expensive.

Buying cars for your driving school business online from Japan is a quick and convenient way to start your driving school business.
For a car used by the driving school, its condition should be good. For example, a car used for driving school should have no scratches and dents, no rust, and no mechanical problems.Beforward is a popular Japanese website where people buy cars from.

Beforward alternatives

You can buy your car for a Driving school from these Beforward alternatives:

  1. Autocj
  2. SBT Japan


The main costs associated with running a driving school are fuel, marketing, rentals, salaries, car servicing, and maintenance. Driving lessons in Zimbabwe for class 4 cost $3-4 per lesson (30 minutes lessons). Getting many customers will ensure that your cars will not lie idle during the day. This is why it is important to have a robust marketing strategy. The driving instructors should be motivated to bring customers to the business. The salary paid to the instructors should be tied to the number of customers they bring to the business, by including a commission component in their remuneration package.

Ensure that you regularly service your vehicles so that they are always in road-worthy condition. Failure to service your cars is a disaster to your driving school business. Students don’t want to train driving in vehicles that are not in a good condition. You will be chasing customers away if you fail to service your vehicles. Also, the life span of your vehicles will be greatly reduced.

You should also offer oral lessons for your driving school. Many students struggle to pass the provisional license. The oral lessons will attract clients to your business, who can then start driving lessons after passing the provisional license test. The profitability of your driving school business will be directly related to the number of students you get.


The initial capital costs are manageable and can be minimized. There is a ready market that does not deplete. The law requires a license and there is no shortcut around that. The income stream is also steady especially if you market the business well and get a large clientele base. The business allows flexibility and it is not too demanding. The work pace maybe even more relaxed after the students know what is expected of them and how to drive. Even with a lot of driving schools registered, the market still is open for new instructors and you have a chance to make it in the driving school business.



Should you think of starting a Driving school business, here are key things to consider:

    • Get a detailed business plan for your driving school. A business plan works as a yardstick on what you must achieve (specific goals, sales, and profits), it gives you a clear picture of who your competitors are, where they’re operating, what are their key strengths and weaknesses.
    • You can get a pre-written business plan by clicking this link
    • Invest in driving school vehicles and other assets like land or rent an office.
    • Your staff (drivers) make or break your driving school. Select them carefully.
    • Heavily invest in the marketing of your driving school ( social media, a website, google my business listing, billboard advertising and more)
    • Hire a Digital Marketing Expert on

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Vendor number registration in Zimabwe

How to go about Vendor number registration in Zimabwe?

What is a vendor number?
A vendor number is a unique number issued to business entities that wish to supply the government and it’s related agencies.

First, you’ll have to know exactly what you want for your vendor number registration in Zimbabwe. There are three key requirements: an application letter, a certified copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation and some of the requirements we’re to give in detail…

The government is probably the biggest consumer of goods and services in Zimbabwe. This translates into millions of dollars worth of transactions each and every year. This represents a very good opportunity for any business that wants to grow. By acquiring a vendor number, your company becomes eligible to supply government entities and get a share of these millions of dollars.

Requirements for a Vendor Number

You are responsible for providing us accurate information with regards to:

  1. Company letterhead.
  2. Registered name of the company.
  3. The physical address of the company.
  4. Postal address of the company.
  5. Name of company’s bank, branch, and account number.
  6. (Please note that the registered name of the company stated in the application and Certificate of Incorporation must be the same as that of the account holder appearing on the bank statement).
  7. Contact person and their position in the company.

Supporting documents (originals and certified copies)

  1. Certificate of Incorporation, CR6 (or CR5 if registered under new Act) and CR14 (or CR6 if registered under new Act).
  2. IDs for all directors on the CR14 (or CR6 if registered under new Act).
  3. Stamped company bank statement.
  4. Proof of residence of 2 directors on CR 14 (or CR6) in the form of water or ZESA bill in their names only.
  5. Valid tax clearance.

Cost of getting a Vendor Number

The cost of getting a vendor number with us is USD 140 or equivalent. It takes 2 weeks to get the Vendor Number.

Our contact details:


[email protected]

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