ZIMRA Tax Clearance renewal for 2022

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), has issued a statement on the renewal of Tax Clearance Certificates for 2022.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has issued a statement with regards to Tax Clearance Renewal for 2022. It has announced that Tax Clearance (ITF 263) Certificates for 2022 will be auto-generated to compliant customers.

Here is the full statement by Zimra



The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) would like to inform all its valued clients that year 2022 ITF 263s will be auto-generated by the ZIMRA system to compliant clients only and thereafter, sent through email addresses that are captured in the ZIMRA database. From henceforth, compliant clients are no longer required to apply for a tax clearance. Clients are therefore, implored to ensure that they

have complied with the following in order to access their ITF263 for year 2022:

Updated Tax Affairs – All registered Clients should be up to date with:

i) submission of their tax returns,

ii) tax payments.

iii) all debts should be cleared, where debts are outstanding, payment terms should be arranged with ZIMRA officials, way before 31 December 2021.

Master data – Clients should ensure that their master data information is correct and up to date. Master data includes the following:

i) Physical Address,

ii) Email Address,

iii) Telephone Number,

iv) Bank Accounts and

v) Industry Classification.

Where email addresses being used are not the ones that are in the database, kindly fill in Rev 2 form obtainable from the ZIMRA website.

Fiscalisation and interface – Clients registered for Value Added Tax (VAT),

should ensure that they are fully interfaced for multi-currency with their invoice/ receipts showing currency of transaction.

Please note that the devices should be configured to show:

 Transactions done in local currency ZW$

 Transactions done in foreign currency like the US$

Kindly note that 2022 tax clearances will be generated to compliant Clients from 08 November 2021. Tax clearances for LCO an MCO clients will expire on 31st December 2022 while the rest of the regions will expire 12 months from date of issue. This will

result in some tax clearances expiring in 2023.

For any ITF263 related enquiries, clients are advised to continue using the following

email addresses:

1) Large Client Office (LCO) –[email protected]

2) Medium Clients Office (MCO) – [email protected]

3) Small Clients Office (SCO) – [email protected]

4) Region 2 – [email protected]

5) Region 3 – [email protected]

Submit Tax Returns online via ZIMRA e-services http://www.efiling.zimra.co.zw or

alternatively use email addresses as published on ZIMRA website.

All Tax Payments, use ZIMRA Bank Accounts on website


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